El Pueblo de Cubiro

Cubiro, en el Municipio Jiménez, (Edo. Lara, Venezuela) es un hermoso pueblo, de clima muy fresco y saludable, localizado en las montañas, a 57 Km al sur Ir a contenido »

Como hacer un buen Panettone

Satellite images of Matthew in the Caribbean

Imagen climatica satelital del caribe

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Cool toys, cute stealing coin panda bear and kitten Box Piggy Bank

Juguetes geniales, animalitos roba monedas
These are great piggy banks, in which a panda bear or a kitten pull the leg and hide the currency you have left at the top.

Converters for travel to countries with different voltage


If you also have some electronic devices that travel with you to other countries with different voltage, then these portable voltage converters are ideal for you.

Best Ways to Make Money Online


On the website of Google and I write “How to make money online?” … Are you familiar with this situation?

These days that’s a search phrase, and you can find many ways to make money through the network, some forms are legitimate methods and others are scams and plans to “earn millions of dollars without working” in which they ask for a contribution to start.

Here I will describe the 16 Ways to make money online with which I have experience, plus I mention titles in which blue are giving me results, and also mentioned others who have seemed reasonably honest and I’m starting to evaluate.

Turron de Doña Pepa

turron de dona pepa

Doña Pepa nougat is a traditional Peruvian dessert associated with the feast of the Lord of Miracles, consisting of three or more layers of flour sticks, dipped in sugar syrup and decorated with lozenges and candies of various shapes and colors. Very Delicious for kids and adults. Let’s work it out:

How to raise successful kids — without over-parenting

The Eye Project – A Strange island that Moves

Surveillance camera in Peru films ‘Alien or robot entity’ at Pachacamac Perú


A surveillance camera at a service station near Pachacamac Peru has filmed what many are calling an alien entity from another dimension. So far, the video recording has appeared on numerous television programs, and no one seems to be able to explain what the enigmatic ‘alien creature’ actually is. Watch the video…

Watermelon slicer

Rebanador de sandías

This great watermelons slicer certainly a great assistant that saves time, plus sliced watermelons in a very practical and hygienic