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Contratación de espacio en Cubiro.Com – Anuncie en Cubiro.Com. Cubiro.Com “Buena Cocina, Música y Más estilo a Tu Estilo”, es una página con más de 12 años online,  que comparte constantemente artículos Leer más »

Dónde comer?

Barquisimeto: Comida Peruana Colegio de Ingenieros del Estado Lara.  Carrera 15 con calle 59. Dulces La Dulcería Confitería. Centro Comercial El Parque Poblado de Santa Rosa. Entre sus postres más buscados: la Leer más »

El Pueblo de Cubiro

Cubiro, en el Municipio Jiménez, (Edo. Lara, Venezuela) es un hermoso pueblo, de clima muy fresco y saludable, localizado en las montañas, a 57 Km al sur de Barquisimeto, es una de Leer más »

How to make pastry dough

Como hacer masa quebrada

The pastry dough allows us a variety of preparations, from savory entrees to delectable desserts. It is a classic dough and through the years each chef has perfected his own recipe varies a little more or a little less of each ingredient and one other staff touch. Depending on the usage we will have two versions: sweet version and basic version:

Rob Zombie – Hellfest 2014

Spanish rice with chorizo and prawns

arroz con chorizo y gambas

Continuing in the vein of the paella, here I have the recipe for the typical Spanish rice with chorizo ​​and shrimp, simple dish , low budget and lots of flavor, here we go:

Richard Bertinet Basic White Dough

Richard Bertinet is a master baker who has taught thousands through his books, videos and online resources. In practice I use his technique, when elaborate recipes and mine. He teaches us to make the best bread from each dough at our table. Here is a video that teaches 5 types of dough to make 50 types of bread.


Braided nutella sweet bread

pan de nutella trenzado

A sweet bread with very simple ingredients and a whimsical presentation, this sweet bread with nutella is just delicious (who does not like nutella?). Let’s begin:

A magical spoon to decorate your dishes

aplicador de salsas para decorar platos

If you are a professional or cooking enthusiast, you must know Decospoon once you do Decospoon will become an indispensable tool for you.

Two films that any chef or cooking enthusiast should watch

dos pelis de chef

These two films are definitely classic. If you love the kitchen sure you’ll enjoy these movies

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