Shops and restaurants in Peru where you can pay with Bitcoin

Some shops and restaurants in Peru have already started accepting payments with Bitcoin. According to, there are already several regions in the country that accept as payment method various cryptocurrencies, among which is Bitcoin. Let’s see where we can buy and pay with Bitcoin in Peru.

Where you can pay with Bitcoin in Peru

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others are the cryptocurrencies that have become fashionable in the world and Peru is no exception, because, as the website of points out, in the country there are already many companies and businesses They are accepting digital payment methods with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Spread between the north and south of the country (Piura, Cajamarca, Lima, Callao, Ica, Cusco and Arequipa), these small businesses and companies dedicated to various sectors, including restaurants, communications and technology, have adopted this payment system which is used by its customers through its web pages

Where to pay with Bitcoin in Lima

Caesars Catering
Sitio Facebook:

Dirección: Malecón Cisneros , L-18 Miraflores
Pay your flight with Bitcoin.

Gemrock Peru S.A.C
Shoping- Producción y venta de cabuchones, joyas y decoraciones hechos de piedras semipreciosas y minerales del Peru
Dirección: Calle San Fernando 278, 15047 Lima, Miraflores
Sitio web:
Sitio Facebook:

Comprar y vender Bitcoin en tu moneda

Shopping. Comercio electrónico de productos y servicios en tecnología informática
Dirección:  Calle Luis Alvarez Tovar Mz. V Lote 3B, Urb. San Tadeo. , Lima
Sitio web:
Sitio Facebook:

Where to pay with Bitcoin in CuscoCusco

Restaurante Vegetariano EL ENCUENTRO
Dirección: Santa Catalina Ancha 384, 08002 Cusco
Sitio Facebook:

Conde Travel
Dirección: Ayahuayco O- 5 , 08002 Cusco
Sitio web:
Sitio Facebook:

Conde House
Lodging. A Nice Hostel, Close To City Center, We have private rooms and share rooms accept BTC, ETH. We Rent a flat to.
Ayahuayco L-O-4 , 08002 Cusco
Sitio web:

How to locate nearby shops that accept Bitcoin

Maybe there is a business near you that accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, and you may even have passed by and didn’t even know it. gives you in real time the map that indicates the shops closest to your location, which accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

How to buy bitcoin

There are many places to buy Bitcoin, but one of the best, easiest and fastest is covers many countries. In addition to making the purchase of Bitcoin with credit and debit card very easy, it provides a wide range of services to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It also offers security, high liquidity, lower rates, good trading margins. With you can buy Bitcoin with credit / debit card

How to sell Bitcoin on the Internet?

With Localbitcoins you can sell Bitcoin in almost every country, and Peru is one of them. Localbitcoins is quite popular for p2p transactions (person to person) worldwide. Surely you can sell Bitcoin in Peru very quickly through the Internet and receive payment by bank transfer. The publications of the offers of each buyer are constantly being updated, it works with bank deposit and the contact is direct with the bidder.


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