What is Network Marketing and how to join a network?

Today the traditional market system is no more than a slave lifestyle, working for more than 20 years waiting for a retirement that comes to you when you are old, if you could reach.

Let’s see how Network Marketing is a little known opportunity that will allow you to change the routine and enslaved life of the twentieth century.

Linear Marketing and Network Marketing

Example of Linear Marketing.

Osito beer, made with corn and barley to reduce cost,  leaves the factory costing 5 coins, goes in transport to a main warehouse of region and increases its value to 7 coins, then goes to a retailer and increases to 9 coins , They pay a girl in a bikini to be the picture and now it’s worth 12 coins, an announcement in the press and television and final transport to the store where you buy it … now it’s worth 25 coins.

Example of Network Marketing.

El Alemán Feliz beer is made from 100% barley of the best quality and leaves the factory costing 7 coins and goes in transport to a regional warehouse increasing its price to 9 coins. A network affiliate of the brand El Aleman Feliz sells the product to a customer in their country and through a network marketing system the customer acquires and receives the El Aleman Feliz beer by paying 35 coins. The person who recommended the product receives the commission of 25%. In this case there was no increase in the cost of advertising or wholesale-retail, but the beneficiaries are the members of the system in networks.

Key products for a network system

But for a network marketing system to be of benefit to all, an extraordinary product is needed, which guarantees the stability of the business to other possible competitors. And here we have two Network Marketing companies with their key products, their star products:

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Transfer Factors

Transfer Factors are an extraordinary discovery in the area of health and immunology, which boost the body’s immune system and can be free consumed.  Although the products are some expensive, they are the best alternative before the new diseases and viruses that appear today, in addition the brand has nutritional supplements and antioxidants. Being a Network Marketing platform gives us the opportunity to participate in the dissemination of this technology for the immune system and resulting economic gains. In addition, at a more advanced level (we all have the opportunity to evolve in this network) the income evolves into automatic and will be hereditary.

While other companies and brands require you to operate only within your country or region, 4Life allows you to operate internationally right from the start. It gives you a distributor code valid in all 4Life brand countries, which means that if someone in any country buys a product on your recommendation, you will receive the commission. In addition you can monitor all movement of your code from the platform of the web system to which you will have access. 4Life offers many more benefits, which you will discover and activate if your real interest is to help people strengthen their immune systems, health and well-being.

To register for the 4Life platform and receive training and online training click here.

Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix

Another great product with another great company. Now, imagine that you fill a room with kilos and kilos of the most varied, nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables rich in supernutrients, you shoot a dehydrating ray to that food mountain that turns it into dust that occupies only a few centimeters high. Grab a 900g container and fill it. It is Herbalife’s nutritional shake mix, two tablespoon in a glass with water or milk become a food that replaces a meal.

Herbalife Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix is the star product of Herbalife’s diverse range of internal and external nutritional supplements. The company also offers an updated version of its Network Marketing platform, its product line is economically priced and with great results.

You Enjoy these advantages:

  • You can join online, you become an Independent Associate
  • Free, downloadable catalogs, price lists and marketing materials
  • The purchase of products is online and arrive at no additional cost to the address you request anywhere in your country
  • Free online training and  events
  • To enroll in the Herbalife platform and receive training and training -> Click here
  • You will be asked for the code of your sponsor, then you will give this one: 29056039




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