Using my Payoneer card in Peru

There are no limits to the benefits that the Payoneer card gives you. In this case I have traveled to Peru and learned the best ways to use it, the commissions are from very little to zero. Let’s see:

How do I get a Payoneer card?

Before applying you should know that the card has a single annual payment of US $ 29, but you will see how beneficial it is to have it after you read how economical it is to use it.

Click here to apply for your Payoneer card

Some companies that pay on your Payoneer

In my Payoneer I receive the commissions of the companies:

  • Amazon Associates.
  • Paypal.

Using the card in shops in Peru

If you use the card at shops, such as a normal debit card, the commissions are void

Como puedes ver en los registros, las comisiones por usar la tarjeta Payoneer en puntos de venta son cero.

In Peru, the exchange rate is currently around 3.2 soles per 1 dollar. So if you are going to pay, for example, something that costs 30 soles, then in your Payoneer account statement there will be a debit of about 9.37 US $.

The seller or operator of the point of sale will surely see it as a Master Card credit card.

And yes, tell him to pass it off as a credit card.

Using the ATM Card (ATM)

By recommendation I have used only BBVA Continental ATMs, and these are the charges:

  • 5 US $ for the use of the BBVA ATM
  • 8.64 Payoneer commissions
  • ——–
  • 13.64 total

For example, if you withdraw US $ 300 from a Continental BBVA ATM, then a withdrawal of US $ 313.64 will be added to your statement.

Ok, I hope this info is useful, do not hesitate to comment your experience with your card in your country.

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