A water purifier that fits in your pocket

purificador de agua personal super compacto

LifeStraw is a compact personal water purifier. A brilliant invention that is indispensable in excursions and emergency kit. It works like a straw, straw or straw to conventional drink, so just insert one end into the water and inhale through the mouthpiece of the other. The water goes through a series of filters according to the manufacturer, eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and 98.5% of viruses, in addition to blocking the passage of particles up to 15 microns.

Lifestraw is a very useful device for purifying water when you go to excursions: rivers, springs, ponds, lagoons; It is also useful if you have no escape drinking water suspicious who want to sell you on the street.

Aquí tampoco estoy yo. La imagen es para ilustrar la versatilidad y facil uso del dispositivo, que garantiza agua pura y potable.
The device ensures pure drinking water



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