Fidget spinner, the fashionable toy that revolutionizes kids and adults

A Fidget Spinner is an ingenious antistress toy, made of plastic, steel or other materials, which is based on a central axis with two, three or more arms, which end in some rings with bearings. It seems that this toy can help reduce anxiety and increase the ability to concentrate. In fact, in countries like EE. UU. or the UK these ingenious devices have been marketed as tools to help patients with autism, attention deficit, stress, anxiety or depression.

Fidget Spinner

It´s  already consolidating as the toy of the moment, and paradoxically it is not a video game, nor an application, it is the new  sensation that aroused the fever among children.

Its mechanism is simple, like its method: a small object that fits in the palm of the hand, composed of three rings united to each other. In the center, another circle acts as a rotating axis.

The toy rotates until it reaches the highest speed. Their diverse colors and figures make them create attractive visual effects. Even there are shining in the dark. And as expected, owning the newest fidget spinner is a reason for popularity in schools and parks.

An invention with more than two decades

With their visual effects and the ability they require to spin them, fidget spinners were designed to relax children with problems like autism and TDAH. It was invented more than two decades ago by the chemical engineer Catherine Heittinger to help in the concentration and relieve the stress of children with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Their various colors and figures make them create hypnotizing visual effects. There are even models that shine in the dark.

Use should be moderate

Educators are aware of the trend and recognize that although there are specialists who recommend it, its use should be restricted to maintain order and discipline. From being used for children to stop being restless, it has become an addictive playground toy.

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